The Stairs and The Stove

Just because we know you've been wondering and wondering how the carpeted stairs and the new stove is doing...
The view looking down. Scary!
Bottom set of stairs.
The Stairs

The new stair runner was installed a couple of weeks ago and looks awesome, begging the question:

Will Jasper now go down the stairs?

The answer is : Yes...finally. Right after the carpet came, he would not only not go downstairs, he also would not go upstairs. Seriously, has there ever been more of a chickeny dog? We finally convinced him to go up and downstairs, but it took a lot of coaxing and a fair amount of treats. Now, with only a little hesitation at the top landing, he calmly goes step by step down, instead of running and slipping the whole way. Money well spent?

The Stove

You must remember the story of Silver, the fancy new stove that replaced Goldie, our vintage '70s Harvest Gold stove. What I didn't tell you about Silver was that when it was unwrapped and installed, the "3" key on the digital keypad did not light up. Not  a huge deal since the "3" worked, it just didn't light up. Mostly only bothersome because the stove was new and cost a lot of $$.

So began the odyssey of getting the new stove fixed. Six weeks and two-going-on-three service calls later, the "3" still doesn't work. The last repairman even tried to tell me that maybe it was designed that way: that the 3 is not meant to light up. HA! I had just about had it by then and let him know.

Today I got a call from Sears that they had contacted the GE engineers and were now shipping a new and different part. What was really just a small issue with the stove is now really starting to p*ss me off. It's becoming more about principle since there's really no issue of inconvenience. I'm giving them one more chance to fix it then I may demand a new stove, which is kind of silly just because of a "3."


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