Sentimental Fool

Annalisse and I took a quick trip up north on Wednesday to Mary's house, where we stayed overnight and went to Massena on Thursday to see Mom. I was long overdue since I had not been up to visit since September.

Now that Mom is living with Carol (who is doing an awesome job taking care of her - I am eternally grateful), Mom's house sits empty with regular check-ins by Carol and her companion, Paul. This last trip I decided to take the family photo albums home with me for safe keeping. If I were to choose anything to take out of the house it would be those photo albums. My personal effects are long gone (since I moved out away 1984) so there's really no trace of me left in the house anymore, but I wanted to be sure the albums were kept safe.

Sure, it's interesting enough to look at the endless pictures of trips my parents took, parties, picnics, and, of course, THE ZILLION PICTURES of my niece, Nicole (love you, Nic!), but what I was mostly interested in were the old old pictures. Out of the 10 albums I brought home, I really hit the jackpot with one album in particular, which yielded this gem, taken in Nonnie's living room on Martin Street:

Judy, cousin Jeannie, Mary holding cousin Rosanne, and Carol
I still remember those orange and yellow pants. Weren't we all cute? Sisters and cousins beware: there are many more where this came from!


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