Viva Las Vegas 2011

On Tuesday night at midnight Mary, Annalisse and I returned from this year's junket to Sin City - Las Vegas. As with last year, I had to go to Vegas for my national association board meeting (poor me!!), and Mary and Annalisse tagged along for fun. After my meeting was over we had a couple of days to shop, eat and sight-see. If I had to characterize this trip it would be: totally fun and a lot of laughs!!

While Mary and I are not big gamblers, we did designate a litte $$ for the slots in honor of our father, who loved going to Las Vegas. Mary was pretty lucky the first night, winning $175 while playing just $6. She was really excited! The next night I got up to $350 on $20, but got greedy and cashed out at $200, which I used toward tickets to see the Beatle's Love, a Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage (where we were staying). Acrobatics, dancing, spinning, flipping, bouncing! It was amazing and I would highly recommend it, even if you're not a Beatles fan (which I am).

While out there we also visited our cousins Nancy and Patsy, who live in nearby Henderson. Patsy's husband, Joe, who is a bodyguard, entertained us with some great stories about the celebs he's worked with/for, and our cousin Nancy told stories about the celebs who shop Neiman-Marcus where she works as a designer. Anyone who knows Annalisse, Mary and I knows we ATE THAT RIGHT UP!

Las Vegas is such a strange and crazy place. Very surreal. We saw tons of weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and an Elvis or two. Who the heck shops in those extremely high end stores, anyway??

Here are some pixs of our fun and memorable trip:

Mary with one of those freaky statues that move

Yummy Treats!!

Beautiful Palm Trees

The Two O'Clock Show at the Fashion Show Mall

Mom and Daughter...she's taller than me...


The Gardens at the Bellagio - Beautiful!

Dolphin Show at the Mirage

The Waterfall at the Mirage


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