2011 Epic Summer Fails

This has been a wonderful, action packed, fun-filled (hot) summer so far, but there are two areas that have not been successful: my garden and week 1 of eating out while the kids are at camp.

I'm not much of green thumb, but most summers I manage to get some nice, colorful annuals and a bunch of herbs into my garden by the end of May so that I might enjoy them all summer long. This year, according to my usual routine, I picked up my herbs and a couple of flats of nice red verbenas, along with a couple of pumpkin plants just to shake things up a bit. I also found a couple of packets of peas and green beans in the garage and decided to give them a try, growing them in a pot so that I might have a nice little patio garden.

Unfortunately, I had two main forces working against a hearty garden this year: the heat and the squirrels/chipmunks/rabbits (I don't know which one is the culprit, so I might as well list them all). Within days of planting the verbena, the plants has been mercilessly dug up and dragged to other parts of the garden or into the yard. Replant, dug up. Replant, dug up. Give up. Fail. They did the same to my little bean/pea dish gardens. I can only imagine them in there with their little front paws digging through the soil to get to the juicy seed. Dang critters!!

Next was the heat. I'm do not generally think to water the yard/plants/gardens, but this year we've had non-stop heat with very little rain for what seems to be almost three weeks now. So this one was my own fault. When I returned from Las Vegas most of my little garden, what was left of it, was decidedly brown and dead as a doornail. Poor little pumpkins...looks like the kids won't have the benefit of a Halloween pumpkin from our own garden...which was basically just a fantasy I dreamt anyway.

Next 2011 Epic Summer Fail: The Week of Eating Out/Week 1. If you've been a faithful reader of the Fabulous B@ker Blog for any amount of time then you know that when the kids go off to camp we try new restaurants in a week long (or two weeks, depending on the camp schedule) odyssey of eating out. Today is Thursday and WE'VE NOT EVEN EATEN OUT YET THIS WEEK. I know! It's unbelievable.

The reason is that Mark has a new position and his team is working on a project that has been resulting in late nights and weekends at work (or working from home). So, he's been getting home pretty late (for us) each night, and last night he had a work dinner. It's not as bad as it sounds; when I eat out I tend to eat more, and when I eat at home (because I hate my cooking) I eat less. Eating at home assists with the reduction of my PFD, or Personal Floatation Device (stomach/mid-section), as we like to call it at work.

So, I've been trying to water the garden more and we have a second chance at redeeming our "Week of Eating Out" next week when the kids are back at camp. Maybe I can salvage these summer "fails" yet!!


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