Graduation Celebration

This weekend we celebrated Cam's graduation with a dinner/dessert/bonfire, which was exactly one month after his June 23 graduation from FHS (it seriously seems so long ago!!). I think you may recall me mentioning at one point, probably back in the early winter, that Cam said he did not want a graduation party. The dinner, followed by dessert at home was an acceptable compromise for all of us.

At 5:30pm, our extended family, plus a couple of friends (about 30 people in all, counting the littler kids), gathered for a dinner at Bocaccini's, a nearby restaurant that is one of our local faves. Mom/Jeanne, brother David and our nephew (Jackson) and niece (Amelie) had come from Arlington for the weekend, and Mary and her family, came from Watertown for the day. The beautiful day was the crowning jewel to what had been a hot and sunny week. We had a delicious dinner with appetizers and four entrees (served family style) that we had chosen ahead of time. At the beginning of the dinner we presented Cam with the t-shirt quilt Grandma Pat had made from t-shirts I had hidden away over several years. It is very cool and we hope he will use it on his bed at RIT.

After dinner, we came back to the house for (a lot of) dessert and had a little celebration for Amelie's first birthday, which was Friday, July 22. She is so stinkin' cute!! A little into the dessert Cam's friends came over for a bonfire on the patio, and we all took care to leave them alone and tried not to embarrass him too much. It sort of worked (not really).

The party broke up around 9pm, and Cam's friends headed out around 10. Then, it was up-and-at-'em early this morning to get Cam packed and ready to go back to camp in time for his 9am breakfast meeting/party. Annalisse followed with her 11am drop off for her second CIT week and what I'm sure will be a more management week heat-wise.

What a crazy, busy, wonderful weekend it was! Is there any doubt why I love this summer so much? Another milestone achieved, and now we turn our attention onward to prepping and packing for college, which is a mere five weeks away.

Aunt Lena and Jackson

Cam, Uncle Pete and Dad

Opening Amelie's presents with Mom, Dave and Aunties

Cam and Dave - GAME OF THRONES = Total Happiness

Cousins! Annalisse, Nic, Drew and Drew's girl, Ashley

Cam's t-shirt quilt

Amelie and Jackson playing in the pool

Amelie and her new furry friend


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