Looking Forward to the 35th!

We just got back from our one-night attendance at my 30th HS reunion. SO MUCH FUN! I saw so many people that I wanted to see, and had a great time catching up with everyone. Although, I must confess, it was a bit of a different experience than our 25th get together, mainly because of Facebook. The ability to keep up with everyone's news on a daily basis certainly takes away from some of the mystique surrounding the event. Instead, the mood changes into one of familiarity rather than the greeting of a long lost friend. Of course, that only applies to classmates who are "on Facebook." Those who are not were chided and cajoled (by me) to join, mostly out of my desire to stay in touch now that we've reconnected once again.

The highlight of the reunion was seeing my old friend Chris Derby, and his wife Marie. There are always a couple of people that I especially hope to see at these shindigs, and he is one of them. Chris was a very special friend throughout my HS years, and it was wonderful to spend time with him and Marie, with the promise of a possible get together when I will (hopefully) be travelling to Philadelphia for a NAGAP reception in September.

Connection. It's what life is all about. And it feels so great!!

(A special shout out to classmate Dave Randall who accidentally stumbled upon the Fabulous B@ker Blog in an Internet search for info on our reunion. Good to see you again, Dave!!)


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