Update on New Year's Resolutions

How many times to people actually stop (in late March) to reflect on how they're doing on their New Year's Resolutions? Not that anyone really cares, but I thought I'd note some progress, and some setbacks (this list is limited to the two BIG resolutions I made this year)...

Finances: I'm happy to say that for the first time in probably five years our finances are under control. We have very little credit card debt, and have learned a great lesson during the last couple of years on an austerity budget about paying with cash and actually saving and planning for the things we want to buy. What a concept! The drawback is that we are not going to do this year's house renovations (painting Annalisse's room, painting and moulding in the back TV room (Mark's "cave", repairing the side hallway/drywall and painting, among other things) until we have the $$ in savings, so we may be looking at a late summer/early fall set of projects. It feels so good!!

Weight: Not great progress here...I don't seem to have very much willpower in refusing foods that are not great for me, and making smart food choices. I could really use a diet buddy and someone who pushes me to "get out for a walk" and guilts me into making smarter eating choices. Now that the weather is getting nicer we are walking with Jasper more, but even his stocky frame is getting boxier as a result of the cold winter and limited evening walks. Unfortunately, one of the things that Mark and I REALLY HAVE IN COMMON, is that we like to eat (and eat out). This is one I need to take one day at a time.

What about your New Year's Resolutions? How are they working out for you? : )


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