We're all a Bunch of April Fools

Nothing too exciting to report...I never got around to an April Fool's Day post when I might have told the story about how my sister and her husband wanted to "fool" their (sometimes hotheaded) son by telling him there's something wrong with the tire on his car..."it looks flat." So, out he went to check it, and they expected him to come storming back in seconds later saying there was nothing wrong with the tire. They waited and waited for his return...instead, he got in his car and drove to a gas station to get air...

Or how about the one where my co-worker wanted to play a trick on her 8th grade son so she said, "The Principal called today..." and he blurted out, "It wasn't my fault that I got in-school suspension..." as he continued on, vehemently defending himself, her face in shock.

The tricks in our house were not as inspired...mostly "I can't believe it snowed again!" (it was a balmy 50 degrees) and "Cameron, come see the bunny in the back yard!"...not the most creative family.


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