Do You Hulu?

There's a relatively new site named Hulu on the Internet where you can watch (legally) movies and TV shows with limited commercials (that's how they make it legitimate). I was surprised to find The Partridge Family on the site the other day, so I took a look for some of my favorite episodes like:

The one starring Mark Hamill as Laurie's boyfriend in the episode where Laurie got braces and was picking up radio stations from his transistor radio.

...Or how about the one where...

The family got sprayed by a skunk and had to perform (one of my favorite PF songs) at the children's hospital wearing silly costumes.

There isn't a huge amount of movies on Hulu yet, and the TV program offerings are kind of limited (for instance there aren't any shows at all from several major stations), but keep watching that space...I bet it will grow.


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