The First Most Terrible Invention Ever

If you've read my blog, you know that (so far) I have listed the First (the iPod), Second (fat-free half-and-half), and Third (the Tide stick) Greatest Inventions Ever. Now, for the First Most Terrible Invention Ever: wallpaper.

Why is it that every house we have moved into (this is our third, and our second "old" house) has rooms and rooms of wallpaper that I hate and can't wait to get off? ~that's a rhetorical question - don't bother trying to answer. There is nothing like a freshly painted room that can be repainted when the mood strikes a couple of years down the line. So, this week begins my (new) quest to get some of that wallpaper off these walls and move onto the cornflower, moss, taupe, and light maroon walls I so desperately crave.

Our bedroom and the living/dining room is covered with a textured bamboo wallpaper that is great at hiding flaws and dirt but not so great at looking modern. Our room, especially, has wallpaper that is dark gold and so dingy it looks like it's been exposed to smoking for years (it hasn't, but sure looks like it). I've had a couple of experienced wallpaper people come over to look at it, and all recommend painting over it rather than trying to get it off. There has to be better way!!! So, on Monday, another wallpaper "expert" will come take a look and hopefully give us some good news.

We also want to get Annalisse's girly wallpaper off so she and Cameron can switch rooms. She's wanted "out" of her room for quite a while because she gets a little freaked out being near the attic stairs (such a chicken). Her requests have gotten more frequent since two bat visits this past summer sealed that deal.

Some people really love wallpaper, but everywhere I look I see a little peeling at the seams, dirty smudges, and outdated designs. Thereby I am forced to declare that wallpaper is The First Most Terrible Invention Ever.


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