Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Official - He Lifts His Leg To Pee

Not Mark. Jasper. He's started to lift his leg to pee which can only mean he's really becoming an man-dog. Where did the time go?

Jasper is so low key and calm (some might say LAZY) we wonder what will happen after we get him fixed (we're going to try to wait until he's two as recommended by the breeder). Once he's neutered, will he even lift his head when we come in, or just give us a lifted eyebrown because it's too much work to acknowlege our arrival?


emh0404 said...

Leg lifting is a completely learned trait. Did you know that? Male dogs will lift their legs only when they've "been taught" by other male dogs. Miles never did until we moved into the house, and he was able to watch the male dogs on either side. Now, he does it more often, but out of LabraLaziness, he usually squats or stands nice and tall, but on all fours.

finfan said...

Our doesn't usually lift unless he is out on the leash. Otherwise he does the deep knee lean.

The Bakers... said...

Let me clarify that. He lifts his leg only once in a while so far, and usually when we're on a walk (vs. going out first thing in the morning). Still, it's a sign he's becoming a BIG DOG.

Alicia said...

Takeo likes to lift his leg and mark the tires of our cars. I suppose so we can't "cheat" on him and bring other dogs for a ride.