There...and Back Again

Well, we're home from our great weekend in Vermont. It was really awesome. The weather was great, we had a really nice suite just outside of Killington, and we made it a point to visit several new towns this time. One of the weekend's "quests" was to find a winter jacket for Annalisse, and, after visiting 15 stores or so, we settled on a Columbia jacket in Manchester. Some of those "outerwear systems" cost upwards of $200...I don't think so!

Other places we visited for the first time: Sugarbush Ski Resort, The Vermont Country Store in Weston (a bit of a tourist attraction, but worth a visit at least once), and Woodstock (not the one of hippie concert fame). We also were able to put a dent in our Christmas shopping (although we didn't go overboard - see post of November 4!). The kids would have liked to visit Springfield, which hosted The Simpson's Movie premiere this summer, but we ran out of time. The state basically closes down at 6pm on Saturdays (and 5pm on Sundays).

Even though the trees were really brown (versus the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds we would have seen a month ago), going later in the year really had its advantages. The main one: there were no crowds! We were visiting in that small window (off-peak) between fall foliage tours and ski season.

One of the greatest parts of the weekend: we were able to get through about 3/4 of the 7th Harry Potter book, which we listened to on CD (everyone has already read the book, except Annalisse). It's so much fun, and Jim Dale, who performs the book (unabridged), does all the voices and it's just mesmerizing. We'll have to save the last 1/4 of the book for the ride to Massena the day after Thanksgiving.

Jasper stayed with our neighbors Tom and Cheryl and we feared they would not give him back. Cheryl was a really good sport and endured him sleeping with them - good thing they have a king-sized bed!

Tomorrow it's back to work (and school) with fond memories of good meals, new sights, and cool crafts!


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