Wednesday, a.k.a. Friday

Woohoo! It's the last workday before the Thanksgiving break! ~ and a 1/2 workday at that! The kids are off today (so Tuesday was their Friday), and we'll just be hanging out and taking it easy today, after a quick run to the Mall to finish up my Massena Christmas shopping (we're going up for an overnight on Friday). I'll bring all the gifts up to our relatives there since we probably won't make another trip up until winter breaks in March or April.

Mark is on the final journey of his wrist recovery. He had his final surgery yesterday when the doctor took the two pins out that, I'm assuming, joined the ligament back to the bone. So, next week he starts physical therapy for what I assume will be months.

In all my complaining about they hype surrounding Christmas I should mention how much I love Thanksgiving! No pressure (beyond the meal), just all my favorite foods on one plate (followed by a nap and days of feeling full afterward). Enjoy your holiday! I know we have much to be thankful for!


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