Leg Broken, and Well

Not literally of course...

Annalisse's two nights of School House Rock, Jr. were great! She did a fantastic job, and we could really hear her belting out the songs from where we were sitting. In addition to being part of "Group II," she also had some other little, but memorable, parts in the play. It was a really great production where all the kids had a chance to shine, and not just the "main" characters, which was nice.

There were a few tense moments during Saturday's performance when the audio (background music) cut out and the girls/characters sang most "Conjunction Junction" without the music/tune. They were true professionals, not missing a beat, and kept on keepin' on! Their performance was met with thundering applause when they finished the song. We were all so proud of them!

Today I bet there's a few very tired students after a night out for ice cream at Friendly's on Friday, and the cast party last night!


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