A sigh of relief - but lingering anxiety

A couple of weeks ago, on the heels of the tragic accident that took the life of five young Fairport teens, came a report that a woman in the Village was the victim of a failed abduction attempt. Supposedly, three men followed her as she was walking along the street, and tried to drag her into a black van, but left the scene when someone drove by and yelled that they were going to call 911. The foiled abductors were described as three African-American males. During a very sensitive time, I think a lot of us were a little freaked out about the report (especially someone like me who is always a little anxious about the kids even walking back and forth to school; Fairport is safe, but you never know).

Anyway, as the days went by we and did not hear any more about this situation (except for the media was asking the witness to contact police), I began to think that maybe it was a hoax. Especially since the description of the males seemed very stereotypical and racist. I told Mark on a walk last night that I was going to talk to the next Village police officer I saw to determine what became of the case.

Well, today on the news it was announced that the young woman involved was arrested for falsely reporting a crime. What a relief - but a good reminder that we should never take our "safe" town for granted, and should continue to keep a close watch on our children. There are crazy (and evil) people out there...


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