Conclusion of Week 1 of Eating Out

The kids come home from camp today, thus concluding Week 1 of Eating Out. Well, it wasn't a banner week for dining...a combination of house and pet expenses cut our restaurant options way back, but we did manage to eat out a couple of times. Some highlights:
  • Monday night: Out to Mom Shiao's (Mark's mother - rhymes with "cow") for my favorite Chinese pork dish (followed by a raspberry/pina colada smoothie from Fairport Village Coffee).
  • Tuesday night: burgers on the grill followed by another smoothie run at FVC.
  • Wednesday night: yummy pulled pork and jambalaya at The Beale Street Cafe.
  • Thursday night: a walk over to Donnelly's for great pub food.
  • Friday: before picking up the kids this afternoon, we're going out to one of my favorite lunch places in Rochester - The Open Face Sandwich Eatery. There is nothing like their pickled ginger carrots - I know it sounds a little weird, but I'm hooked!!

The week was still good, even without the food fest. We mostly just enjoyed leisurely walks at night with the dog, and chatting with neighbors and friends we met along the way.


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