Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's Off to Camp They Go!

We just dropped the kids off for their second week of camp. It was a little hard convincing Annalisse to go again this week because she had really hoped one of her friends could come along. But that didn't work out, and after the first week, when she saw how many campers had brought friends, she got a little pouty. She didn't want to admit that, in spite of the fact that she would not be there with a friend, she really likes to go. This time around it looked like she had a cabin full of girls around her age, so I'm hoping she hooks up with one (or some) of them. Hey wait! Who the heck am I talking about here? Of course she'll hook up with one (or some) of them! Cameron ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY would not acknowledge our leaving with a hug, kiss...NOTHIN'.

On another note, on Friday morning we went to see the new Harry Potter movie at the IMAX theatre. That was really fun, and we'll probably do that for the next two movies. Then, Friday night, we had every intention of going to Borders to get the new HP-7 book (although we had not reserved one), but I've never been much of a line-waiter, so we went to the store around 9:30pm, but left within an hour. I went out the next morning and got a copy at Wegmans, along with our morning bagels and donuts. We are looking forward to the CD release so we can listen to it as a family when we travel. We do so enjoy Harry!


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