It was an amazingly beautiful weekend weather-wise, ....and my sisters (and Nicole) and I saw the Carole King musical "Beautiful"  on Saturday. We were in the nosebleed section, but it was really good. Apparently, Mary cried for the entire last 15 minutes as she remembered her teen-hood and the feelings Carole King's music evoked. A fun, fun day.

While the girls were doing girl-stuff, the boys visited several pubs trying different brews. They started at Rohrbach's for a German lunch, then came back to the Village of Fairport and walked to a couple of the Village haunts. We met up at the Gate House at Village Gate Square at 5pm, had a great dinner, then came home for dessert and some rousing games of BINGO. The Walldroffs walked away with the big spoils again this time...do I see a pattern here? Poor Cam, he didn't win again...I don't think he can appreciate the "rush" (!) that comes when you yell "BINGO!" and collect all those quarters. Hopefully, we can get him to play again!! His time will come.

On Sunday we ushered in Daylight Savings Time (YAY!!), and drove to Oswego to pick up Annalisse who had gone to Alex's for his track team prom. They looked very cute. She's home for a week now, and I've taken today off to do girl stuff like getting an awesome foot massage at Happy Feet. Ahhhh....  Then, she has a series of things she wants to accomplish this week, in addition to hanging with her pup!

On Thursday, I cannnnnoootttt wait to have corned beef and cabbage. And remember, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's day!


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