Housework Sunday

Here's a really compelling topic for a blog post: How we did housework all day Sunday...and, boy did it feel good!

The days are getting nicer now (weather-wise), and we have been blessed with a couple of sunny, warmish Sundays, which has been awesome. After church (and a bite to eat) this morning, Mark and I went to work on some much needed vacuuming, dusting, laundry, and cleaning of the kitchen floor and washing the rugs. So. Much. Dust. So. Much. Doghair. If we didn't love him so much...

One of the things I finally did this weekend was to catch the dry cleaning guy when he was delivering an order back to us on Saturday, and I arranged for my mother's wedding dress to be dry cleaned. They are going to clean it and "heirloom" package it where they put it in a sealed box. That will be cool - I'll put it up in the attic with my dress which is also in sealed box. Both of which my daughter will probably never wear!!!

Another thing I did was that I washed a big bag of baby clothes, blankets, and booties that I brought home from the Massena attic. Of course, they are all girls clothes, and I expect they are clothes that all three of us used. That was a super fun exercise, and I only got rid of a couple of pieces that had stains or were too well worn. The clothes are so cute! I can't wait until my granddaughter(s?) wear them some day!! I will show them to my sisters when they are here next week - they will get a kick out of them.

So, it's Sunday night and I am hoping I will be able to stay awake for the Downtown Abbey finale, since my coworkers are sure to be talking about it tomorrow. This week will take me to Schenectady for a college fair, where I will having dinner with my fun friend, Cammie from Saratoga. Otherwise, we are looking forward to a fun weekend when we go see "Beautiful" at the Auditorium Theatre, followed by dinner and a rousing game of BINGO.

Also, I saw my first robin today! Have a great week!


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