Almost There!

Seven more days of work and I am HOME FREE and off until 2016. Hurray!! 

This morning I am enjoying a very chill day at home as Mark is raking and mowing the lawn at the church ON DECEMBER 12. I'm loving this mild weather, I'm not going to lie, and trying not to think of any possible payback like snow in May. ERASE! ERASE! ERASE! that thought from my mind. The tree is beautiful, everything is decorated, and we it's wonderful to bask in the soft evening lights.

After a very intense week, the kids are on the downslide of the semester. Annalisse was particularly stressed (we heard about it) and Cam could have been equally stressed (but we did not hear about it), and next week they are finishing up projects and Annalisse has several finals. By Friday afternoon both will be nestled back at home, and Jasper will be ONE HAPPY DOG. 

I also spent this week feeling annoyed and disappointed that the Massena house sale fell through. Unfortunately, I had mentally come to depend on that influx of cash to finally finish off the inside house projects and put a little dent on the credit card balances. The day after the sale went south our realtor called to let us know she had left the realty company that had listed the house, and gave some very disturbing news about how the company is run, and the fact that there was no plan to have another realtor rep our house (because there was only one other person in the firm and she was located 1/2 hour away). As a result, I wrote an email to the owner of the company and was able to get us out of our contract, which was scheduled to expire on January 17. The realtor we were working with was going to another firm in Massena, so we decided to re-list with her. She seems very sincere about selling the house and believes her ability to sell it will be enhanced with a company that is more sophisticated and has a larger network. I HOPE SO. So discouraging. Send good vibes for a quick sale.

In the meantime, I am chipping away at the Christmas list, and truthfully not feeling any stress about it. I've got plenty of time, right?!


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