34 Roosevelt Street - SOLD!

We were surprised and happy to sell our parent's house on Friday. After being vacant for 5ish years, and on the market since July, it all ended up happening very quickly. Apparently the buyer (a man) was interested in the house a couple of months ago, then came the Alcoa announcement, so he put his plans on hold, then came the other Alcoa announcement, and he decided to go ahead with it. The selling price was lower than we had hoped, but we are just relieved to have it sold. We will all get a little $$ out of it once all the bills (including my mother's funeral) are paid off, so now we wait (holding our breath a little) hoping all goes through without a hitch.

This week the home inspection will be done. We let the realtor know the property is "as is" - we are not willing to make any improvements which my be identified in the inspection, since the house was priced so low.  The buyer will surely have to put a chunk of money into it, bringing it up to date and probably doing some much-needed maintenance.

My sisters expressed a certain sadness at the finality of having sold the house. I do not really feel that. If anything, I feel bad about the loss of the house that my parents loved so much - more for them, but not really myself. I remember the major renovations they did in the late 70s: new kitchen, siding, paneling, carpeting, all new furniture, wallpaper in all the bedrooms. Today, in 2015, most of those renovations remain the main things they did to modernize the house. With the exception of updating the kelly green carpeting in the living room to a light blue, and getting new crushed blue velvet furniture, the house is a bit of a late 70s time capsule.

It's kind of weird but early this morning, as far as I can remember, I had the first dream about both of my parents, and they were in the house, but the house was already being cleaned out for sale. It wasn't the exact house - a bit distorted as dreams tend to do - but they were both there, and both "themselves" - healthy and interacting the way they always had. Usually when I dream about my dad he is sick and nearing the end, and this is the first time my mother had appeared in a dream since she passed away in August 2014. The timing was very odd, but it was very comforting.

I look forward to driving past 34 in the coming years, and am hoping the new owner gives it a bit of a freshening up. It's a great little house, just waiting to be loved by another generation.

Update 2:44pm: I spoke too soon. The buyer backed out...(sad face)


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