Twenty-Eight ~ and other stuff!

Another year has passed...28 years married (plus, remember: I want credit for the six years we dated...). It goes sooooo very fast!

Yesterday, our anniversary, was very, very reminiscent of the actual day of our wedding. It also fell on a Saturday, and it was rainy. It was also a very busy day that started with a quick trip to Syracuse to deliver some mail, groceries and a visit with Jasper to his sister (or "sisser" as we like to call her). We got to A's place around 10am, unloaded the goods, and headed out for a walk where she had arranged for some of her friends to meet her most favorite person (dog) in the whole world. After a stop at one of the dorms, we headed up to the Quad (getting really warm out already...), and were greeted by tents, a bouncy house, tailgating and the wonderful, entertaining SU pep band playing on the steps of Hendricks Chapel. What a fun vibe the school had! It even made me want to go to a football game when we return to campus next weekend for a day of Parent's Weekend activities.

You heard that right: I WANT TO GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME. It just seemed fun. A confession if I haven't said it already: I don't understand football. So, I expect there will be a good deal of people watching occupying my time.

We left A around noon to head back to Rochester. By this time puppy was very hot - it's hard when you have a thick fur coat in 85 degree weather, not to mention he, once again, needs to lose 10 pounds. Of course, he slept all the way home and for most of the day. That was a lot of activity for him, but he was so happy!

After we left, A ate some lunch and headed back to campus for the improv workshops for Zamboni Revolution, which she is trying out for again this year, not having made the team (but making the final cut) last year - a huge disappointment for her. As of this writing, she once again made the cut and final decision on team members will be sent out via email tonight. FINGER CROSSED. Very nerve wracking! Stay tuned!

The rest of our anniversary celebrations found us enjoying the super funny and entertaining Spamalot  (based on Monty Python and the Holy Grail) at Geva, followed by dinner at Ox and Stone. Mark and I shared Paella, which was DELISH. When we got home we walked pup down the street and found that the street picnic (which got rained out last Saturday, so it was moved to this Saturday, during which it also rained - BLAH!) was winding down, and those remaining moved the party to my across-the-street neighbors porch where we drank wine and chatted into the night. Our street continues to be simply awesome.

Not much news from Cam this week, except I read on Twitter that he dropped his phone and has a crack in the glass. I wonder if he'll ever actually tell me that. He texted this week that he is pretty excited about the possibility of supervising five undergrad Bioinformatics majors this spring on a project mapping genome types of grapes. (The link provides an idea of this type of work. ) Here is another link to this work. Pretty interesting stuff!! He's been very busy with his classes, but also with meetings in the department and student emails related to the two labs he oversees.

Fall is definitely in the air, but I'm not ready to bring the plants in and store the porch furniture just yet. I expect we'll still have 2-3 weeks of pretty good weather which might find me on the porch watching all the bird politics in the tree next to me. Until then...

Improv Update: I got a call at around 9am Sunday night, Annalisse on the other end of the phone - sobbing. I thought the worst. Thank goodness they were tears of joy as she made the SU improv team. So happy! Not being able to do this for a couple of years has been very hard for her. We are looking forward to seeing many shows in the coming year!!!


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