Indian Summer - Report from the Porch

It continues to be an amazing fall! The plants have all gone inside from the porch (since the mornings are so dark and cold), and have been replaced by big, bright mums. I can't yet bear to bring the furniture in, we probably have three (or more) good weeks of porch sitting before we give in to the cold forces of late October.

The Baker kids had a great week this week. As a follow up to last week's post, Annalisse called Sunday night SOBBING. I thought something bad had happened, but it was the opposite...she and two others had made the improv team and she was overwhelmed with happiness. This will be a real boost for her confidence, which she has sometimes been lacking in her college experiences (little fish, big pond stuff). She had been wanting to get back into improv and has missed it these last two years. We are soooo happy for her. We also learned that, as a result of joining Zamboni Revolution, she also became part of "Float Your Boat," a sketch comedy group at SU. Another funny thing: on Wednesday TV channel 10 came into her classroom, doing a piece on the new Nutrition Assessment, Consultation and Education (ACE) in the Falk College. When the crew asked "who wants to be on TV," the teacher immediately pointed at Annalisse. Ha! I guess they know her. We've been looking for the piece to air but I'm not sure it made the "cut" with all the Pope news this week.

The other Baker kid also had a good week. He received confirmation that he will be supervising the grape DNA research of five (?) undergrads next semester, and he also successfully defended his master's thesis proposal (while sick, unfortunately), so a lot of good news coming from him as well. We hope to be able to attend his thesis defense in the spring, then it will be out on the job market for him!!!

Another person who had a wonderful end to the week is my niece, Nicole. Several weeks ago a position came open at her bank, and, after trying to decide if she was qualified enough, applied and quickly got an interview. Then came a second interview, and on Friday she found out she got the position! It is a salaried management role with a generous boost in her pay, and it will give her great experience! Her future in banking is very bright, and we are all very proud of her!! :)

Yesterday, Mark and I  spent the day in Syracuse at Parent's Weekend. We left home fairly early to arrive in time for the Falk College brunch and break out session with the Nutrition Department. On the way there I noticed on Facebook that a high school friend whom I had not seen in many years was also there with his son, who is a freshmen. We made plans to meet up, and even before we formally arranged to meet we ran into him, his wife and his son at the Falk gathering. How I do love these happy surprise meetings!!! It was great chatting and catching up, and we spent a little more time talking with them at the pep rally before the football game.

At noon, we headed over to the Carrier Dome for the game, and, while a super fun atmosphere, I think I've said before: I don't get football. That being said, the people watching was phenomenal, and, another unexpected surprise, another high school friends was on the jumbotron presenting something on behalf of Tops Supermarket, which was a game sponsor. YOU GO, MCHS CLASS OF '81!

After dinner we headed back to Rochester and took pup for a nice walk. I was wiped out, but Mark decided to go down to Fairport Brewing for a cold one. I hunkered down in bed and watched "Philomena," which was a very good movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the quiet, relaxing evening.

Sadly, the beautiful weather and fun stuff this weekend will have to carry me through the extremely busy week coming up.... :(


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