The Great Baker Bedroom Switch

Just about every five years or so we have a need to shake things up and decide to switch bedrooms. Last weekend was taken up with moving Mark and I into the guest room (now known as our "suite" because it's connected to the three season porch with a couch and TV), moving Annalisse into our old room, and making Annalisse's room into the guest room. Cam's room is the only one left untouched (because, basically, he doesn't care where he sleeps). But, it's not just moving the bedrooms; it's figuring out the "closet situation" when no one closet is big enough for me and Mark to share. In the two older houses we've owned, one of us usually has to go into another room to use his/her closet. Mostly, that ends up being me.

 It seems like a continuation of the deep dive into cleaning we've done in the last month, beginning with the vacuum and tossing-out-stuff project in the attic. We had not really cleaned out (or cleaned) the attic since we had our roof replaced probably 8-9 years ago, so a vacuum of all the bugs on the rugs and tossing of boxes and old electronics was way overdue. That felt good! I'm always a little weary about going up there since the bat incidence(s) several years ago, but I think we're pretty much over that problem. 

So, we all settled into our new rooms. The first couple of nights I didn't sleep very well, getting used to the new layout, but now am settled and love my new room. The little guest room is especially cute, and has a single bed, which will work with some guests but not others. Annalisse knows she has to give up the double if needed. 

So, like any other house, our house continues to re-invent itself. It keeps things interesting!!

Our new room

The new guest room 


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