Vacation Mish-Mash

Hurray! Vacation time is here. The year is wrapping up, and while I may need to do a little work over the break, I'm (mostly) free from the commitments of the working world, at least for a little while!

It's been sort of a disappointing week for Cam. He had a couple of unexpectedly lower grades this term, but still maintains an overall GPA of 2.9 in his program. My thinking about his grades has truly shifted from "he's not studying enough" to "wow, he's in a really hard program." Still, he was visibly upset about his first C-; apparently he thought he had in the "low Bs" in that class. I think he's feeling under a lot of pressure lately, and it didn't help that he got his first speeding ticket today on his way home from seeing Shaina in Oswego. I have warmed him many times about speeding, but nothing drives "mother's point" home better than the terror and panic of seeing the flashing lights behind you, doing 75 in a 55. Lesson learned. Very, and him. He's been a little down so I'm hoping the coming holiday will cheer him up!

Annalisse is spending her break watching crime dramas and waiting for her grades to come in. Only one grade is outstanding and she currently has a...wait for it...3.7 GPA for the fall term!! She really knocked it out of the ballpark. If her next grade is a "B" she'll probably end up with around a 3.6. Amazing for her first term at SU!!

We have a friend's kitten for a couple of days. He's a super cute little tabby/tiger (7 weeks old) who will be her daughter's present on Christmas morning. I really miss having a kitten/cat around. He looks just like Bailey when she was a kitten all those years ago.

Tomorrow will be Christmas Eve, and the day will find me shopping for Christmas dinner (spiral ham, I'm thinking) and picking up last minute stocking stuffers. In the early evening we'll go to church, then over to Aunt Mary and Uncle Pete's for the annual Christmas Eve party. As always, the holiday excitement is building...and of course I'm given over to being excited in spite of myself!

Merry (almost) Christmas, Friends, far and near!!


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