Christmas 2014

Calm, quiet Christmas
Of course, you are probably expecting a Christmas update from the Bakers...? Here it is!

First of all, it was wonderful to be off for 10 days starting last Tuesday. On Tuesday evening we hosted NAGAP friends Dave and Leo who were up from Florida visiting friends who live in Rochester, and that was delightful with delicious desserts from Pittsford Dairy (another indication that is going to be tough eating week (month) for my calories). A visit from them kicked the holiday off right. Also that night we played host to the sweet kitten my coworker Tonya was giving her family on Christmas day. What fun that was! He was so sweet, and we think Jasper really liked having him around...he was very curious and gentle. He's now happily settled into his new home with the new name of "Nicky" - I'm thinking that might be short for St. Nicolas?

On Christmas morning, I got up early to make Grammie Versprille's apple kuchen for breakfast at Lena and Ken's house, where we were joined by Nara and Jim. But, before that was the ever-exciting opening of presents at the Bakerhaus. I just love the serenity and special feeling about Christmas morning, with the gentle lighting from the tree and the fire going. We had a nice morning of opening presents, with a couple of surprises, before getting ready to head out for breakfast.

For Christmas, I was showered with my beloved Yankee Candles (I like the ones that smell like baking), and a FitBit to track my steps, etc, along with a spa gift certificate to the DelMonte, among other great things. I super excited to surprise Mark with a Fairport Brewing Company Mug Club membership for 2014-2014, and Orvis stuff. Cam, of course, got his new iPhone around Thanksgiving, but also received some nice dress up clothes and cologne under the tree. Annalisse got new boots, and a new iHome, along with some spending $$ for her trip to Florida the day after Christmas (with the Meritts).

After breakfast it was home to get snacks and dinner ready for Grandma Pat, Nicole and Patrick's celebration at our house. Everyone came around 2pm and we had a very nice time chatting, eating snacks and opening presents until we sat down to an early dinner. By 6pm we were all wiped out, but it was a "good tired!"

Another Christmas has come and gone. While it was a tough year in many ways, there have been many blessings. I have found that during the tough times you really have to focus on the fact that good times are just around the corner, we just have to be patient. I continue to be so thankful for my wonderful family and friends, they are certainly "gift" enough this, and every, Christmas!!

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