With Us

First Cousins
I'm pretty sure Mom, Dad, Auntie, Uncle Duff, Uncle Joe and Nonnie (and everybody else!) were with us during Mary's 2nd Annual Harvest dinner on Saturday afternoon. It's the first time in many years that all the Greco cousins (and great cousins) have been together. We were almost at 100% with the first and second cousins with the exception of Anthony who couldn't make it from North Carolina, and Joey, who remains a little disconnected from the family. It was a wonderful day - great food and tons of laughs.

Second Cousins
Mary and Larry really have a special home, a warm and inviting place to gather and relax. There was even an impromptu jam by the "Family Three," the '70s era cousin girl-group who introduced a whole new generation to classic hits like "Pass the Sugar," "Jingle Bells" (Partridge Family style), and their original Martin Street chart-buster "The Nonnie Song."

Today, the Bakers parted ways again as Annalisse headed back to Syracuse for her last two weeks (better get studying for those finals!) and Cam went back to RIT. It won't be long before the nest is full again!


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