Shopping Drudgery

I don't think it will come to anyone as a surprise when I say, once again, that I hate shopping.

I LOVE giving presents, especially when I, or "we," can really surprise someone with a great, unexpected treasure. It is truly better (and more fun) to give than to receive. So, it was with much reluctance that I started my Christmas shopping today, simply because I was running out of time.

We headed out to run a couple of errands (one of which was to pick up my maternal grandmother's engagement ring, which I had restored and which will be my Christmas present from the family ~ more on that later in the month. It's so beautiful!) before arriving at the mall at 11am. As you can imagine, by then the place was already rocking. We were able to get about 50% of our shopping done, and still have some running around to do over the next week, but at least we made progress. We put in a full day's work, having left the house around 9am and getting home around 5pm. No nap today and I did not even get around to going grocery shopping, so not much for dinner. We are having a blustery storm at the moment and I was not ambitious enough to head back out to Wegmans, so it was an "every Baker for him/her self" for dinner.

Tomorrow morning I'll head back out to pick up a couple of things and do some substantial shopping to get ready for the neighborhood cookie exchange and a work dinner I'm hosting on Wednesday night (with my homemade eggnog!!). I have to say I do love the hustle and bustle of December. Now if I could only find a personal shopper...

[Since I did not do a separate post on Annalisse's arrival home, we went to pick her up yesterday (Friday the 13th) morning and we got home around 3pm. The weather was tricky in a lot of spots, but we made it home in plenty of time to attend this year's first Downstage show at the high school. She was super excited to see all her friends, and the new troupe put on a great show!]


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