Looking Back: 2013

The last day of the year is a great day to reflect on the last 365 days and, if you really want to punish yourself, see how you did on your New Years Resolutions. I'm not going to do that because I know I did not succeed on several fronts (diet, money management) , and I tend to make the same resolutions every year anyway! As with many other end-of-the-year retrospectives, 2013 had a theme: EXPENSE.

Wow, what an expensive year this was. From the graduation party to house renovations to college/tuition expenses, we definitely over extended ourselves and did not do a great job saving or managing our money. I guess that's what new years are for. We are super happy with the much needed house renovations, but they were quite costly. And as for college expenses/tuition, all I can think is how much money we'll have floating around once the kids are out of school! It is short term pain for long term gain, and well worth it.

This last year has also been one of loss and adjustment. We lost Auntie and Aunt Cece in September, and became empty nesters the same month. Being empty nesters has not been totally terrible, but that, combined with Mark traveling at least one week a month to Denver for his job, leaves a lot of Jasper-Mommy time for sure. Mom G./Aline continues to hold her own in the nursing home in Massena, but her dementia is getting worse every day, and thankfully she's not fully aware of her surroundings.

There was tons of fun in 2013 as well! We had a wonderful 70th birthday surprise birthday party for Pat in May, proud moments at Annalisse's end of high school activities and graduation, trips to DC, NYC, Puerto Rico and Las Vegas, as well as girl's weekend in June, and fun Greco family times.

An expensive year, yes, but also a great year filled with fun, family and friends (and neighbors!). As I've said before, though, time is passing too quickly. 2014? Really? Weren't we just anticipating the apocalypse that was Y2K?

Looking ahead: check back tomorrow for ideas for 2014's blank slate!


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