The King of Mulch

Mark Baker is the unrequited the KING OF MULCH; does that man ever love to mulch. A couple of weeks ago we had six yards delivered (imagine a pile that takes up a good chunk of the driveway in front of the garage), and he's been steadily chipping away at it ever since. Right now the pile is about half the size it was, and he's been on a mission to get it all spread. I help him once in a while, but he's mostly just focused on getting down to business every day after work and on the weekends while I'm engaged in other chores or running around.

He gets a great deal of satisfaction out of making our yard look beautiful, and it does look beautiful. It really relaxes him and it gives both he and I relief from stress just looking at the precisely sculpted edging, symmetrical patio and walkways, and (mostly) weed-free beds. I especially love the view from the upstairs porch - so serene!

And who could complain about loving yard work? He could get his thrill from worse things, after all!


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