The End of Days, again.

Have you heard? The world is going to end (again) this coming Saturday, May 21 (or is it October 21...or is it sometime in 2012...). That means I'd better get busy; I have a lot to do in the next six days, like:
  • Go on that world tour I've always dreamed of (talk about jet lag)
  • Go on a cruise (it will have to be just a three-day cruise)
  • See that old boyfriend one last time (probably not going to happen since I'm not even sure where he lives now)
  • Finish all my projects at work (well, I suppose if the world is going to end I should probably just quit tomorrow anyway)
  • See the kids happily on their own, married with families (this is probably not going to happen in the next six days)
  • Get the newest iPhone (unless my current one can take me through until next week)
  • So, so much more
It looks like Annalisse will only be able to enjoy two out of the three productions of her play next weekend since the third performance is at 7:30pm, 1 1/2 hours after the world ends.

Seriously, if the world is going to end next Saturday by what some are saying will be a cataclysmic earthquake, why can't the church people predict all the other devastating earthquakes that have happened in the last several years? And all the deadly tornadoes the midwest and south have had to endure this spring. Sure, there has been an inordinate amount of rain and flooding, but surely nothing of biblical proportions.

I guess the main point of this story is:

I think End of Days hype is stupid
Let's live every day like it's our last, anyway


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