I Got One!

Being a little focused (some would say obsessed...) with getting an iPad 2, I trekked out of my hotel bright and early on Wednesday morning and took a cab ride over to The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City to try my luck at the Apple store. I got there around 9am, and there was already a line of about 20 people waiting for IPads. I went up to the employee greeting line waiters and she asked "what kind of iPad I wanted (???!!!)." I told her, and she handed me a white ticket with my specifications written on it. "Does this mean I have one?", I asked. "Yes," she answered.


With much excitement, I took my place in line (and immediately called Mark: "I GOT ONE!") behind a friendly soldier named Ed, whom I got to know a little better during our 1/2 hour in line. A very pleasant wait, indeed.

Long story short, I'm the proud owner of a wifi 32G iPad2 with a cool orange magnetic cover. HURRAY!


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