The Yearly Christmas Card Picture Challenge=VICTORY!

I'm happy to report that I have already ordered, received, stuff, sealed and addressed our Christmas cards for this year. It's not as ambitious as it sounds. Let me explain...

Around the beginning of November each year I start to fret about taking the ever-elusive Christmas pictures of the kids (and, for the last several years, the dog) for our yearly missive, and it's never easy. Well, I should say, it's easy with two of the subjects (Annalisse and Jasper) and not easy or pleasant with Cameron. He spends endless shots ruining the pictures with weird faces and far away glances. Last year, think we took upwards of 50 pictures to get the one we finally used, and that was only achieved after several threats. Every year I tell him, "Cam, I've done a picture Christmas card since the year you were born, and XXXX WON'T be the year without a Baker family card!" Can you imagine this exercise without digital photography?!

This year, I decided to simply scan three separate pictures and put those into the card. When I caught on to this idea, I quickly decided on the kids' pictures, and had Annalisse take an appropriate picture of Jasper. Then, being ON FIRE with the idea, I ordered them. Of course, when I received them I had to sit right down and address them, and, well, you get the picture. I think the recipients of this year's card will be pleased - I think its' one of the best ones ever!

I know that our friends and family, especially those across the miles, enjoys seeing how the kids are growing up in the same way I love to receive their cards. It's a little strange to think about how old the kids are getting and that one of these years might actually be the last year for the picture card. It's also really fun to look back at all the cards over the years. When I get them each year I put one aside for each kid's "memory book" so that someday THEY WILL appreciate their mother's effort and persistance, even though trying to get "get the shot" has caused more than a couple gray hairs from year to year.


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