Turn the Page (Orr)

The five-days-a-week practices are done. We can eat dinner at a leisurely pace again. The kids can sleep in on (most) Saturdays. We escaped without freezing rain and snowing...although the last few regattas hovered around a chilly 45 degrees. In other words:


Hurray! At last! The kids have been at it since the last week in August, day in and day out, rain or shine (or darkness). Needless to say, everyone is relieved and looking forward to the break.

At today's last fall season regatta, Pittsford's "Pull the Plug," each of the kids won a silver medal, and Cam was just four seconds away from winning two. That was a nice finish for him since he hadn't taken home a medal all season. It was a nice way to end this VERY LONG SEASON.

Things will start up again at the end of February with winter training, which will take us through the official start to the spring season in early April. At this point, Annalisse is not planning to participate in winter training as there is not a lot for the coxswains to do, and she is thinking of trying out for the spring play. This was a rough season for her - she was not feeling really motivated and a lot of the friends she joined with dropped out (although she's never really at a loss for friends...). So, we'll see what spring brings. She claims she'll do spring season, but not fall. Time will tell.

In the meantime, we'll just enjoy our down time and the lack of rushing in the evenings that comes with it!


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