Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts since not any one of them would make for a substantial blog entry...

  • After today I'm off until Wednesday, January 2 - HURRAY! ~I can feel that nap coming on already!
  • Tomorrow's Jasper's 8-month birthday. We haven't weighed him in a while but he's probably tipping the scales at around 45-47 pounds. I think he's still on the small side for a male Golden, which is just fine!
  • After tomorrow, the days start getting longer (Mark always likes to correct me on this. The days aren't getting longer - they're still just 24 hours long - but it STAYS LIGHTER LONGER. Whatever.)
  • On the heels of yesterdays attention-grabbing-all-over-the-news announcement that Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant at 16, follows the headline "Lynne Spears book on parenting postponed indefinitely." That was a classic - you can't make that stuff up!
  • Today I'll be done with my Christmas shopping with one more special gift for Mark.
  • Work has been a foodfest. Between holiday lunches, goodies from vendors, and other various sources of cookies and candies, it's not been a good couple of weeks for my weight.
  • Annalisse has been trying out all week for a part in the spring play at school. She just called - she got the part of the secretary (I have no idea...). There is a God.

That's it! Just think of it as The Baker Blog Lite.


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