But is it an Amish water park?

Can you believe this...

Tomorrow (which also happens to be Annalisse's birthday), the kids will be gone for a German class overnight to Lancaster, PA and a tour of Amish country. For students taking German, this is probably the closest the school could come for a visit of a culture with roots in Germany. We won't mention that the German that the Amish speak is very, very old German. Anyway...

The kids will leave at 7am tomorrow morning and spend Friday and Saturday in the Lancaster area. While there they will experience such events as having dinner at an Amish family's house (I'm having trouble picturing 50 kids in a house...maybe they'll be eating in shifts? Please, please please God, make my kids act politely), a tour of a pretzel factory, and a couple of other neat tours. To top it all off (and I'm sure this was the selling point for my kids), they will be spending the night in a hotel with an indoor water park. What could be more fun? Is it an Amish water park? Will there be plainly dressed fellows at the top of a wooden slide pouring water down? ~all questions to be answered in good time.

In the North Country, there was a settlement of Amish nearby. They hold endless fascination for me, and I am very envious the kids get to take such a cool trip!

(And when the kids are away, the parents will play. Well, not exactly play, mostly eat out, our favorite pastime!)


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