BFFs, or FL Winos?

Last night my friend, Sue, flew in from Virginia for our yearly girls weekend. (In today's "kidspeak," she'd be called my BFF ~ Best Friend Forever in case you haven't guessed that already.) This year we're heading to Ithaca for a weekend of "fun" and a wine tour of Cayuga Lake. I'm really fortunate to live in the beautiful Finger Lakes area which is home to almost 100 wineries throughout the region. Each fall we usually tour one or two Lake's worth of wineries to stock up for the holiday season and beyond. Then, in the spring we usually head up to the Niagara region and hit their wineries.

Getting back to our girl's weekend: we'll head out tomorrow to meet two (and possibly three) high school friends for a weekend of indulgence and abandon. And to rip-off the Vegas slogan, whatever happens during girls weekend, stays with girls weekend!


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