I don't know what got into me...was it laziness? The winter blues? A certain type of sadness that takes you over when the kids are gone and it doesn't seem like there's much to write about? The routine of the day-in and the day-out that just goes too quickly and is generally pretty boring and mundane?

Whatever is is (or was), I feel really, really guilty about not checking in with the blog for almost a year. So much has happened, most of it good (all of it pretty good, really).

Since we last chatted:


On April 2 our prayers (and pleas!) were answered when Annalisse got the long awaited internship match with Russell Sage College (or Sage College, as the grad school is known), along with entry into the Nutrition grad program. Whew - I would rank that as one of the most stressful waiting periods in recent memory! Since that day we all continue to be super excited (and grateful) that she made it happen. It was three years of very hard work on her part, and countless hours of volunteering and building up her resume.

In May, she graduated from Syracuse University and then spent her summer working to save money for the fall term. For most of the summer she worked every day in a couple of restaurants around town.

In June, we finally got her car: a Subaru Impreza wagon, affectionately known as "'Lil Red." Now, the girl who barely drove is tooling around the Albany area and drove home and back for the Thanksgiving break.

Her internship and grad school has been pretty intense, but she's doing well and becoming very independent.  She is still seeing Alex, and they will celebrate their 4th year of dating on November 30.


Cam is doing very well in his job at the University of Rochester, and will be starting a new position 25% of the time in the Genomics Research Center after January 1. He has also applied for UR's MS in Data Science program, so hopefully will be starting that next fall.

He is still living in the apartment with his buddies, and he is really enjoying his friend group, keeping really, really busy socially and exploring all that the City of Rochester has to offer a young 20-something. He has really fengaged with his love of crew in the last year coaching several teams, coxing, and joining a new start-up team: Flower City Rowing.


Jasper's health has been a little shaky this year. He has had six seizures since February, with the latest being just last week. He will be 11 in April, so we just enjoy every day we have with him knowing he doesn't have a ton of time left. We have decided to get a new puppy next summer to make the transition a little easier (for us - he will hate having a puppy), so stay tuned for continuing cuteness!!!

Mark and Judy

Life goes on in the sleepy Village of Fairport, as we enjoy our walks and weekends downtown listening to bands and seeing friends. Mom Shiao celebrated her 75th in March and we had a special celebration from her, which was wonderful!

We took a trip down south in July to visit friends in Charlotte, to see nephew Tony in Raleigh-Durham, and rounding out the tour with a visit to see Sue and Ken in Salem, VA. Additionally, for our 30th we FINALLY got back to Vermont with a great trip to the Waterbury/Burlington area. LOVED IT!!!

In September I had the great fortune of seeing (my obsession) Hamilton on Broadway. IT WAS AMAZING!! In early November my girl's weekend was in sunny Florida, where we spent time with another friend from high school who we had not seen in quite a while. As always, I loved spending time with "my girls"!!

And now, Thanksgiving has passed and it is once again time to decorate for Christmas. Honestly, how doe the years go by so fast. Maybe that's why I can't keep up with the blog...I promise to be better in the coming year!

The big thing coming up in 2018: a possible kitchen renovation. Our kitchen: the FINAL FRONTIER. Wow, is a kitchen re-do way overdue.

Thanks for checking back!! Please visit again!

~The Bakers


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