Giving thanks in '16

Happy Thanksgiving to all!! I am sitting in the living room pup at my feet, both kids are hanging out watching a "Parks and Rec" marathon, and thinking how overdue I am for a blog entry. I'm trying to think about why I am not so engaged with the blog these days. While a lot of great things have happened this year, some of the year has been a struggle. Moving Cam down to Maryland, and the uncertainty (and huge expense associated) that followed definitely put a little bit of damper on my mood at times. 

I have also been a little cranky about some work stuff, and a desire to maybe be doing something different professionally (although, I do count my blessings daily for having such a great job, but I think I'm ready for some new challenges). I think the prospect of a low likelihood of selling my mother's house weighs heavily as well, as it costs each of us approx. $100 to keep all the bills paid and just feels like it's hanging over all our heads.

But there are some great things happening, and, make no mistake, I am really, really thankful fro all of my blessings, like...
  • There is a good chance Cam will be hired on by UR. It looks like his job will posted in December, and he will apply for it. Fingers crossed that it is just a formality and he will get it.
  • Cam has a nice girlfriend. It's fairly new so we're trying not to make a big deal of it. Danielle is biomedical engineering Ph.D. student at UR (she's from Omaha, NB), and they met through the crew/Rochester Boat Club.
  • Annalisse is wrapping up a very challenging semester at school (she has about three weeks left) and Biochem and her Medical Technology class is really kicking her butt. She is super excited about becoming TA for a food demo class in the spring, and feels really ready to start applying for internships (due February 1, I think)
So, the turkey is in the oven for what will probably be a mediocre Thanksgiving meal (I'm not a great cook), and on Saturday we will head up to Watertown for our Greco harvest dinner.

Thanksgiving wishes from the Bakers to you and yours!!


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