October Round Up

Well, hello there! This little B@ker Blog hiatus is definitely the longest I've taken. I just haven't felt much like dropping a note during this incredibly busy month of travel for work during the week, and crazy, overcommitted weekends.

So, what's been going on? Lots, and not a lot!

Of course, October started with Nic's birthday on October 4 and our little kid turning 21, and all the fanfare you can image would go along with that. On the 5th, her birthday, she held a little happy hour celebration at a Mexican restaurant in Syracuse. Cam, Alex and a bunch of her camp and nutrition friends went, so she was super happy to celebrate with them. She could not overdo it, though, because the next day she had her first food education program for the semester, as well as her first improv show that night.

That same night, Sue flew in from VA for
our girl's weekend in Vermont. What a great weekend that was! As always, it's so much fun to be with "my girls," and Vermont captures my heart every time. We had a nice day celebrating my birthday on Saturday, the 8th - the girls made it special. On Sunday, when Sue and I returned to Rochester, we went to the David Sedaris reading - he's one of our absolute favorite humorists, and he did not disappoint.

The following weekend Annalisse headed to Boston for her nutrition conference, which she totally enjoyed as she learned new things and made contact with internship coordinators. She's super excited (and nervous) about the internship process, made worse by the fact that she has two very difficult courses this term, and is struggling a bit in both. She just keeps plugging away.

This past weekend we went on Annalisse's 21st birthday (limo) wine tour. Despite the heinous (cold, driving rain) weather it was a really fun day, capped off by a big dinner at our house and a hearty breakfast in the morning before the girls went back to Syracuse. Mary also came, and Alex's mom, Brenda, joined us which made for a fun time.

Cam is plugging away at his UR job, which he likes. There is an indication he may be hired on permanently based on a conversation with his boss last week, so we're just keeping our fingers crossed, and crossed, and crossed... He's enjoying his time back with his friends and his work with the Rochester Boat Club, and I know he'd like to get back out on his own, which he can do once we knows if he'll be hired on.

All through these activities have been 15 day and evening trips to college fairs, which finally concludes tomorrow. To say that October has been a grind would be an understatement, and I'm looking forward to a slower-paced November. The days are so cold and dark now - I'm already longing to be back in our wonderful (hot, sunny) summer.


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