Where did August go?

Well, hello there. Looks like the B@ker Blog took a bit of a summer vacation. Once again, busyness has taken over, and at the end of each quick day, I am too worn out (lazy...?) to post!

The journey since my last post has taken us to Raleight-Durham North Carolina and back, with a visit to Cam, Sue and Ken, and nephew Tony thrown in. Annalisse and I travelled 1,750 miles in six days to check out possible dietetic internship (DI) programs for next year. On the way down we stopped to spend the weekend with Cam (who is doing better, although disappointed he didn't get the job at Wayfair in Boston - his interests did not meet their needs ~ DUH ~ he's interested in big data and they needed a coding monkey.  I think that probably came through in the interview. LOUD AND CLEAR.), before heading down to Roanoke (well, technically Salem, Virginia), for an overnight with Sue and Ken, and the bonus of spending time with Cousin San. On Monday morning, with Sue and Ken joining us, our first stop was at UNC Greensboro, where Annalisse had a nice visit, but learned that the program requires the GRE, which she is not planning to take, so that one was "out."

Next, we travelled to Raleigh to Meredith College, where the woman she spoke with was from Buffalo and had gone to the University of Rochester. Apparently, there are a lot of Rochester-Buffalo-Syracuse folks in the R-D area. Meredith was a great visit, and she was excited about that prospect.

After Meredith, we hooked up with Tony for a walk around downtown Raleigh and dinner. Man, was it HOT and MUGGY. (I still prefer it to snow.) On Tuesday morning we headed over to Duke Medical Center where she met with the DI coordinator, and had a great visit there as well.

On the way home on Wednesday we stopped again at Cam's for the night, and went out for a nice dinner, for which he paid with his first paycheck (YAY!). When we got there he informed us he had been contacted the U of R -- more than six months after he applied for a position and spent months trying to get a response from them. He comes home this Thursday night for the long Labor Day weekend and has an interview on site with them Friday afternoon. It would be a temp-to-perm position so we will just need to see how it pans out. There are others being interviewed so I think he's being realistic about it, and is prepared to stay at his current job for a while if he doesn't get an offer. He's also taking an online class to fill some knowledge gaps in areas he would like to pursue work. So, we shall see.

A week ago this past Sunday, we moved Annalisse back to Syracuse for her senior year. Can you believe it?

When Cam comes home for the weekend we are finally going to get the car squared away and signed over to him. Then, hopefully I can get our second car. Being a one car family this past month hasn't been totally horrible, but has been inconvenient at times.



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