Report from the Porch

Ahhhh, summer. I LOVE IT. I love the heat. I love the soft breeze. I love the porch. ETC. !

A quick job update for Cam: last week he was contacted by the company he had interviewed with in Rockville, MD, letting him know that they had gotten approval for another position and wanted to talk to him about it (this was the company that he was not that interested in - he felt the position was too much like a co-op and below his skill level). BUT, he was willing to hear what they had to say since a job has not yet panned out for him.

So, on Friday he had a conversation with him in which they described another position available with more of a software development focus. He was definitely more interested now! By Friday afternoon, he had an offer in hand (just an hour before he left to go camping), and we expect that he will accept the offer on Monday (unless something major has changed in his thinking during the time spent around the campfire). It's a great relief (for him especially, although he is notoriously hard to read), and we are really happy he will end up in Rockville which is not too far (just outside of DC at around seven hours away). Once he signs on the dotted line his start date will be August 1 (a Monday), so this week we will have to begin to figure out housing.

In a lot of ways it's weird to think that he will be leaving "for good" (which we assume will happen!). Having gone to RIT and being close to home has really helped us avoid an experience where we don't see him for weeks or months on end, so in a way having him far away has been deferred for five years. Still, we are excited for him to enter professional life - ahhhh, to be young and living in DC!

P.S. This is the 800th blog entry, and in May 2007, it will be The F@bulous Baker Blog's 10th Anniversary!


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