Winter Weather Predictions

Mark tends to over dramatize things. One example is in the fall when some random somebody said this winter's weather is going to be worse than last winter's weather, which was pretty brutal - on and on it went. He as telling everyone he met..."they say this winter is going to be worse than last winter..." I kept silent.

Well, here we are in almost mid-January with nary a snowflake, and temps that most of the time make it seem more like March than deep winter. I AM NOT COMPLAINING. The prospect of three or four TOPS months of winter does not break my heart. But, I have to admit I wouldn't mind a little winter excitement in the form of a good snowstorm (after I go to Virginia next week, that is). Who doesn't love the anticipation of the SLIGHT possibility that schools and my College will be closed (it never is), or the rush on bread, eggs, and milk at Wegmans (will they run out?! ~ they never do)?

And just as mundane as the weather has been the beginning of this year. Mark and I are back at work (blah). Cam and Annalisse are back to sitting on the couch most of the time (except for his occasional forays to Naz or the Towpath Cafe to work on finishing up his incomplete and starting to work on his thesis). This weekend will see us scattered again as she goes back to school on Sunday, he heads back to his apartment a week early (apparently to work out with the crew guys for a week before classes start), and I am heading down to Mom Shiao's to in Alexandria, VA to help out during her treatment. Mom's house remains unsold (BTW, two new year's wishes: Mom's house sells and Cam gets a girlfriend - IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK? Apparently.)

Onward to Monday I march. Have a great week everyone. Only three short weeks until Groundhog's Day.


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