Annalisse's Productive Summer

Well, I tried to get Annalisse to do a guest blog, but she refused ("I don't like to write!"). I wanted her to tell you all about her productive summer, about which continues to proclaim: I got a lot done this summer! Or, I accomplished pretty much all my goals this summer!

Since she won't tell you about her productive summer, I will!
  • She took a Chemistry course that she needed for her major, and got a B+
  • She saw Ed Sheeran in concert
  • She got her license
  • She worked 100 volunteer volunteer 
  • We visited some Rochester museums
  • She took care of various doctor's appointments
  • And, on Wednesday, she's going to Seabreeze, which she's been wanting to do all summer
She packed a lot into three months. Now, onto a productive semester. She doesn't start classes until August 31, but she starts her volunteer coordinator job next week so will be heading back to school on Sunday. Junior year!

(P.S. I'm off again this week...and keeping very busy!)


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