Sunday Funday?

I have a confession to make: I did not go to church this morning and chose instead to finish a book I've been reading, eat a delicious grilled sticky bun, and enjoy my Hazelnut/Blueberry/French Toast coffee, all wrapped up in a fluffy blanket with a Yankee Candle burning nearby. I might not have gotten my butt out of the house to go to church, but it did make for a heavenly Sunday...

Anyway, there has not been much going on to write about. We continue to juggle getting too and from work with just one car, the weather has been heinous (cold, snowy), and I'm counting the days until know, just the usual winter blather. 

There are signs of spring here and there. Nic went yesterday for her first wedding dress fitting. I think she's getting a little nervous's becoming real! I've make my travel plans to go to New Orleans for the NAGAP conference the first week in April, Cam is probably going to North Carolina for spring training toward the end of March, and there are definitely fun little things filling the months until porch season again.

In the meantime, we are still hunkered down against the snow and cold. Winter in New York, endurance at its best.


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