Crew Kids

I think most of the fall travel on the weekends is winding down. Yesterday we ran the roads again to Saratoga for the "The Head of the Fish," on what turned out to be an extraordinarily beautiful day for racing. Cam made out pretty well, coming in 5th out of 22 boats. He was disappointed, though, as he was so close to a bronze medal (3rd place). Still, a respectable showing. He's gotten a lot of time on the water this season, so it's been worth it to go to his races/regattas. With the exception of a race against the University of Rochester next weekend, just the spring season remains until he finishes his time with RIT crew. 

As an aside: It's official ~ Cam is continuing on with his Master's degree in Bioinformatics at RIT, starting in the fall. It should take him about a year and a half to complete. We're glad he's taking that route.

In other crew kid news: Annalisse, who has been on the development team at SU, with the prospect of one coxswain being cut at the end of the fall term, has had her time on the team extended through the winter season. The other coxswain she was competing against has also had her time extended. That's part good news and part bad news. The good news: she's still on the team (and received SU sweats and a hoodie as part of the team), the bad news: she's still "trying out," which is unsettling for her. Some of her friends did end up getting cut from the team, so we're trying to encourage her by letting her know it's significant that they didn't cut her ~ she still has a chance to prove herself. 

We stopped by Syracuse to have dinner with her on the way back from Saratoga, which was nice. It continues to be awesome to have her so close and to the east of us, which is a direction we travel much more than going west (toward Buffalo). Just about every day I thank my lucky stars that she ended up at Syracuse rather than Buff State. I know now she would not have been happy there. Bullet dodged.

Today is an at home day hanging with pup, with a little running around, but nothing major. It feels great!!


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