It is with much reluctance that I realized that Christmas is just about two months away. I spend most of my year trying to slow time down so it's not that time again: the decorations, the $$, the stress...ack!

I probably thought of that tonight because these last two weeks of October will be extraordinarily busy for me, passing in a blur, I'm sure. This week I've been on the road a lot for day trips to area colleges for work, and this weekend I'm heading to Chicago for my national association's meeting. Then, it's back to work for two days before heading back across the country to Portland, Oregon for a grad fair reception for my association. That's one day out, one in between, and one day back - a long trip through three time zones for just a day in Portland. Although, I am looking forward to my first trip there. Mark's cousin, Kara, has lived there for years so she'll be showing me the sights before I have to check into my fair/reception.

Just think: this year I've experienced two of the main Portlands in the US for the first time! According to Google, I still need to check out Portland, TX and Portland, NY. The day after I return home from Portland, we head three hours east to Saratoga for the Head of the Fish regatta. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be nice weather...)

Wait, wasn't this blog about realizing there's only two month left until Christmas? I suppose my thought here is probably to reflect on how fast this year has gone, and for good reason. It's been DARN BUSY. I guess there will be time enough to sit around when we're old and gray (which I could be now if I didn't color my hair every six weeks).


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