The Bat Chronicles - Take III

The bat saga continues. Remember when Mark was swinging that fishing net at our bat intruder the first time? What I didn't tell you is that during this "tense" time, he heard a *pop* in his wrist, and it hurt really bad for many weeks after. In typical male fashion, he shrugged it off and would not get it checked out. I finally convinced him to go to the doctor a couple of weeks ago, and it turns out he has a very bad/traumatic wrist injury.

The diagnosis: the ligaments in his wrist have ripped away from the bone, and he will be having surgery to reattach them on Tuesday. The doctor said it was pretty atypical to see this type of injury resulting from what Mark described - it's the type of injury and damage that he usually sees if someone falls off their rollerblades, or has a bad fall on the ice. He said the bat-swing was probably the last straw after a long period of wrist stress. Looking back I do remember times when Mark said his wrist hurt after bowling, fishing and other activities (lifting, throwing).

So, after surgery Mark will be hanging with the dog for a couple weeks at home, then will have a wrist cast for eight weeks or so. If all goes well complete recovery could take up to a year. We'll keep you posted!


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