And then I blinked...and it was April!!

Welcome to April (3rd), a day of blustery snow and howling winds. What an interesting interpretation of "April Showers."

Since my blog entry, Easter has come and gone, and we've had some amazingly warm and sunny weather. Even Pup got a nice bath last Sunday, and we spent time baking in the sun while he dried. Easter was not super eventful. We did frittata and fixins' for brunch after church, then did some stuff around the house (like the aforementioned bath), took some nice walks, took a nap, took Cam back to school, then, when we started to get hungry around dinnertime, went out looking for somewhere to eat. You guessed it: not much was open because, after all, it was Easter and restaurant workers wanted to be home with their families. We ended up at Panera, which was lame, but at the same time "fine" since we didn't want a huge dinner, just a "little something." Annalisse didn't come home since she had just gone back (after break) the weekend before, so it was really low key group, but a nice time spent with Pat, Nic, Patrick, Cam and Morey, who came over for a little while to have a bite before heading to the Highlands to spend the day with Ann (who is not doing very well).

This weekend has also been a busy one. Friday was an especially long and event-packed day which started at the usual time, and ended at 4am on Saturday morning. I took the day off to take Cam to Buffalo for his flight to San Diego (via NYC) for the Experimental Biology Conference, at which he is presenting his research via poster presentation today (Sunday). Of course, his flight was delayed out of Buffalo, and he his missed his connecting flight to SD. He texted me from the runway at 9:22pm to say that they were finally taxiing out. You do the math. The plane landed in San Diego at 3:15am (our time), and he texted he had gotten to the hotel around 3:45am (12:45am his time). So, that was a relief. We have the pleasure of picking him up at 7:30am in Buffalo on Tuesday morning, so he can get back in time to get to his classes.

Additionally, Annalisse's improv group, Zamboni Revolution, took part in an Improv Festival at RIT on Friday night. They went on stage for the last 1 hour set which began at 9:30pm (wayyyyyy past my bedtime), and we got home from that around 11pm. Tired! We went out to dinner with friends Carol and Michael before, so it was a fun night. Three (+ Annalisse) out of the seven members came to Rochester, and the kids spent the night at our house. They also had a late night, getting back from the Improv Festival afterparty at 3am. So, that's why my Friday really didn't end until the wee hours of Saturday. It's all good, though. They are really nice kids and we had a great breakfast before they headed back to Syracuse around 11am. Everyone was psyched to watch the men's Final Four game Saturday night, which they unfortunately, lost.

This week will find me hosting a Traveling Vineyards Wine Tasting event on Thursday night, presented by my good friend, Heather, then I'll be counting the days until I leave for the NAGAP conference on April 12.

In the meantime, I'll be biding my time, waiting for the snow to melt and the temps to go back up so I can continue the wonderful work of looking forward to spring.


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